Chemical Lab (Room D9-09)

Room D9-9

Chemical Lab

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Chemical Lab

ATR-FTIR Spectrometer

Nicolet iS20 – ThermoFisher Scientific

Maximize laboratory productivity and quickly collect high-quality spectral data.

Chemical Lab

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

Evolution 201 – ThermoFisher Scientific

Empower your analysis and bring versatility and productivity.

Chemical Lab

Light Beam Profiler

Custom System – ZWO ASI 174MM CMOS

A camera-based beam profiler system consists of a camera, profiler software and a beam attenuation accessory. Ideal for dental light curing unit characterization.

Chemical Lab

MARC Light Collector

Bluelight Analytics

A NIST referenced instrument with a 16mm light collection port, the MARC LC enables curing light characterization, consistent sample preparation and confidence in the reproducibility of study results.

Chemical Lab

CIELAB Spectrophotometer

CM-700d – Konica Minolta

Measurement instrument designed to evaluate the color and appearance of samples very small to large in size, including objects with flat, shaped, or curved surfaces.

Chemical Lab

SLA 3D Printer

Elegoo Mars

Print objects using SLA technology with the highest resolution and accuracy, the sharpest details, and the smoothest surface finishes of all 3D printing technologies.

Chemical LAb


Novo-curve, Rhopoint Instruments

Unique instrument with specially designed optics for accurately measuring curved surfaces and small areas. It can also be used to measure flat surfaces and areas which are too small to measure with standard glossmeters.
Location Equipment Price Discounted Price
Chemical Lab (D9-09) FTIR – Nicolet iS20 – ATR $40 $60
Chemical Lab (D9-09) UV-Vis – Evolution 201 $40 $60
Chemical Lab (D9-09) MARC LC – Integrating Sphere $30 $45
Chemical Lab (D9-09) Light Beam Profiler – ZWO 170 ASI $40 $60
Chemical Lab (D9-09) CIELab – CMD-700 – Spectrophotometer $45 $68
Chemical Lab (D9-09) CIELab – CR-300 – Spectrophotometer $20 $30
Chemical Lab (D9-09) Precision Scale $10 $15