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Research Grants


  1. Novel coatings to minimize surface degradation and fracture susceptibility of dental ceramics, R01-NIH/NICDR. (2016-2021) | Budget: $3.2 million; PI: Josephine Esquivel-Upshaw
  2. Shade matching properties of new resin-based composite (Tetric Prime), Ivoclar North America Inc. (2020-2021) | Budget: $10,000.00; PI: Jean-Francois Roulet; Co-PI: Dayane Oliveira.
  3. Fatigue and wear behavior of two zirconium oxide ceramics manufactured with a new production process, Gebr. Brasseler GmbH. (2020-2021) | Budget: $48,704.00; PI: Jean-Francois Roulet; Co-PI: Mateus Rocha.

University of Florida College of Dentistry Grants

  1. Development of dental resin-based materials with “smart” capabilities using metal nanoparticles surface plasmon resonance. (2019-2022) | Budget: $`39,400.00; PI: Mateus Rocha